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  • Potable X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer (ELIO map, Bruker)

    ELIO map is an XRF spectrometer that measures the major element compositions and distributions in the analyzed samples.  Because all analytical procedures are by non-contact and non-destructive methods, this instrument is available for the chemical analyses of valuable archaeological products.

  • Dry-process pycnometer(AccuPyc II 1345-10CC, Shimadzu)

    AccuPyc II is an instrument for measuring volume, density, and porosity of solid samples by use of the gas displacement method.

  • 3D scanner type coordinated-measuring machine(VL-500, Keyence)

    VL-500 is a coordinated-measuring machine to obtain 3D shape data of archaeological objects. This instrument is used for establishing digital archive of 3D shape data and for measuring thickness and volume of the samples.

  • ESR Spectrometer JEOL JES-FA100

  • Muffle furnace KDF S80

  • Binocular Stereomicroscope LEICA M165C

  • Polarizing microscope OLYMPUS BXP

  • Universal stage mounted on to ZEISS polarizing microscope

  • Inductar CS cube, Elementar